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Who's a big yellow cube with holes?
Uh, he passed away.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Pick up the phone!
-I'm never gonna defeat Zurg! -Sure, you will, Rex.
My eyes! My eyes!
- I'm The Love-Matic Grampa! - [Screams]
[Audience Laughing]
I am Moana of Motunui.
And you're sitting on the sidewalk, magnetized.
Eh, eh... Fish.
Yes, I know what that means. I've learned so much today.
Help. Chowder.
Yeah, sure. This is worth real dough.
- Sourdough soft taco, then? - No, really, I'm fine.
I'm going home.
( screams )
-Looks like a new record. -Okay, boy. Sit.
but I need to keep your foot elevated...
The unmitigated gall!
There's not gonna be any robot guards, retard!
No... it's an egg sac.
Diesel won't bother with an old engine like me.
Beware of that one, young Ginger.
You watch your mouth, Stanley!
Happy birthday
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