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- Ow! ...your Nintendo Wii...
- Ow! ...your Nintendo Wii...
- [Screams] Elephant! Pink! Hurry! - Arghh!
You're a rat!
I almost drowned in chocolate milk-mix!
Oh, that's a mistake! She's not right for you, dude.
I found the real killer, bitch!
I'm not a traitor. Listen.
The government shutdown.
hearing about Amy Schumer every day
# Baguette #
This is great!
Are you tired, Poppie?
Rain dance!
Come on, you dirty omadhauns. I'll lick all of you.
- This is Mike Myers! - It should be the Halloween mask.
Will you shut up?
Martin, you're provoking him, okay? Stop it.
It can't be my boobs.
Wow. I feel like all my other senses are heightened.
Oh, for the love of...
You're grounded, Mister.
Stormy. - Yeah!
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