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Just like the one you did three weeks ago in the game.
( both sobbing )
Happy birthday!
Now she's nagging everyone.
any last words?
Any last requests?
Hang in there, Dad.
I should like very much to cross swords with real buccaneers.
It doesn't exist anymore.
Male friends?
Come on, go. Go on, shoo!
No, stop! There's a bomb!
- Flaming Death! - No! P.T.!
Hey, Woody! Did you miss me?
I'm a union delegate.
I'm being ass-napped!
Sometimes, plans go astray.
Okay, Woody, let's go!
Any last requests?
Good day to you, sir.
we go way back.
I just remembered. It's your birthday!
You have to choose.
- Please remain stationary. - Help.
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