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Harry Potter Quiz

Can you Expecto a High Scorum? How many Harry Potter movies can you guess in a row?

Horror Movie Quiz

Want to play a game?

Military Movie Quiz

How many Military Movies can you guess in a row?

Star Wars Quiz

Use the force... and see how many Star Wars movies you can guess in a row.

Toy Story Quiz

If you know your stories you'll do fine. Or if you can recognize the state of art of computer graphics.

Yarn Quiz

Can You Identify The Title Of Any Possible Clip?

2017 Grammy Nominee Quiz

Guess the Grammy Nominees by their videos

2017 Oscars quiz

How many Oscar nominated films can you guess?

Back to the Future Quiz

I'm not going to give you any hints. But you should be able to get some REALLY long streaks in this quiz.

Baseball Movie Quiz

Playball! Can you guess the Baseball movie?

Batman Quiz

Lots of Batman Actors, lots of Batman Movies, can you tell the difference?

Billy Bob Movie Quiz

Can you guess the Billy Bob Thornton movie?

Brat Pack Quiz

Don't be an Outsider. See How many Brat Pack movies you can guess in a row. Stay Gold.

Bridget Jones Quiz

How Well Do You Know Bridget Jones Movies?

Captain America Quiz

Lots of stylistic differences between the movies, this is a slightly easier quiz...and there are only 3 options to choose from.

Die Hard Quiz

Bruce Willis shows he has a high threshold for pain in these movies. Do you have the tolerance to get a high score?


Take the Divergent Quiz. See if you can get more than Four.

Evil Dead Quiz

Can you guess the correct Evil Dead movie?

February 2017 Movie Releases

How many new movie releases can you guess in a row?

Football Movie Quiz

How Many Football Movie clips can you guess in a row?

Godfather Quiz

I made you a quiz you can't refuse. How many Godfather movies can you guess in a row?

Golf Movie Quiz

How many golf movies can you guess? 4,9,18...

Hannibal Lecter Quiz

It guesses the movie or it gets the hose again

Hobbit Quiz

They turned this movie into a trilogy just so we could have a YARN quiz.

Holiday Movie Quiz

How many Holiday Movie clips can you guess in a row?

Hunger Games Quiz

Just like the Hunger Games the YARN Movie Quiz can haunt you and your district.

Indiana Jones Quiz

"I really hate snakes", "Monkey brains...", you know the lines, you know the movies.

Iron Man Quiz

No help from Jarvis on this one...just you and 3 different Iron Man movies.

James Bond Quiz

This is particularly challenging unless you are a HUGE fan. There are really too many of these.

January 2017 Movie Releases

How many new movie releases can you guess in a row?

January 2019 New Movie Quiz

Do you know these new releases?

Jason Bourne Quiz

You know his name, but can you guess the movie?

July 2017 New Movie Release Quiz

Get familiar with July's new movie releases in a fun, interactive way!

Jurassic Park Quiz

Choose between four. How well do you know your dinos?

Lord of the Rings Quiz

There are 3, but you'd really have to be a fan to differentiate between them all.

Matrix Quiz

I know kung-fu, and I can recognize YARNs from each movie.

May 2017 New Movie Release Quiz

How many new movie releases can you guess in a row?

Mission Impossible Quiz

Your mission is easy if you choose to accept it, pick the correct YARN, many, many times in a row.


Muppets everywhere, and jeepers, they look the same in each movie. Background clues are key to a big score here.

New Year's Eve Movie Quiz

How many New Year's Eve Movies can you guess in a row? 10?....9?....8?....7?...

Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz

Take some cues from Jack's slurred speech, maybe the different actors, or even some of the Pirate CGI.

Planet of the Apes Quiz

We've combined old and new in this Planet of the Apes quiz. Perhaps easier to tell differences between the 1970s and 2000s. Hopefully you'll do better than a monkey banging on a keyboard.

Rocky Quiz

You'll really need to like boxing, or Philedelphia, or good against bad plots to identify these YARNs.

Romantic Comedy Quiz

How Many Romcoms can you guess

September 2019 New Movie Quiz

Do you know these new releases?

Spider-Man Quiz

This can get pretty hard if he's always behind the mask. You might have to use some cinematic and CGI frames of references for your guesses.

St. Patrick's Day Quiz

How many Irish inspired movie clips can you guess 1,6,26, 32?

Star Trek Quiz

At the risk of offending true fans, we're putting lots of Star Trek Movies together.

Stranger Things Quiz

If it took 100 correct answers to escape The Upside Down, could you do it? Find our in this Stranger Things Quiz

Superman Quiz

It' a bird! It's a plane! It's as Superman Quiz! Will you get the high score, or kneel before Zod?

Terminator Quiz

Hasta la vista, baby. You'll be lucky to get a LONG streak with this quiz.

Top Holiday Movie Quiz

Top 15 Holiday Movies of all time. Do you know them all?

Twilight Quiz

For the true Twilight aficionado. You won't be able to judge the movies from the ages of the Cullens.

X-Men Quiz

For the true X-Men fan. Let us know what you get as sequential answers on this one.