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Eat Pray Love (2010) (1637) The Love Guru (2008)(1511) Can't Buy Me Love (1987)(1434) Love and Basketball (2000)(1388) I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009) (1334) Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995)(980) Much Ado About Nothing (1993)(75) The Notebook (2004)(66) Say Anything... (1989)(66) Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)(66) Rock of Ages (2012)(60) Another Year (2010)(59) Never Been Kissed (1999)(56) Definitely, Maybe (2008)(55) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)(53) The Holiday (2006)(53) Wimbledon (2004)(52) My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)(52) The Fault in Our Stars (2014)(52) Just Go with It (2011)(51)
Ryan Reynolds(42) Ashton Kutcher(16) Scarlett Johansson(14) Natalie Portman(6) Tom Hanks(6) Anne Hathaway(4) Daniel Radcliffe(4) Kenneth McMillan(3) Emily Blunt(3) Mary Elizabeth Winstead(3) Meryl Streep(2) Ralph Fiennes(2) Ashley Benson(2) Daniel Brühl(2) Kyle MacLachlan(1) Patrick Stewart(1) Sting(1) Sean Young(1) Donald Glover(1) Julie Walters(1)
Chris Brander(20) Will Hayes(13) Jack Fuller(13) Andrew Paxton(9) Olivia Wenscombe(6) Forrest Gump(6) Padmé(6) Annie Braddock(5) Harry Potter(4) Andy Sachs(4) Emily(3) Jesse Montgomery III(3) Baron Vladimir Harkonnen(3) Lord Voldemort(2) Miranda Priestly(2) Black Widow(2) Zemo(2) Molly Weasley(1) Rubeus Hagrid(1) Mary Boleyn(1)
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