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Comedy(34648) Drama(30781) Adventure(22735) Action(21701) Romance(14772) Thriller(11517) Sci-Fi(11335) Crime(8986) Fantasy(8320) History(7357)
2010(75413) 1970(1922) 2000(1899) 1990(862) 1940(30) 1950(11) 1980(9)
PG-13(37469) R(30024) PG(7120) N/A(1924) TV-14(1445) NOT RATED(1363) TV-MA(760) APPROVED(41)
That's My Boy (2012) (2698) Lincoln (2012)(2539) West of Memphis (2012) (2321) 21 Jump Street (2012)(2145) The Avengers (2012)(2047) Wanderlust (2012) (1964) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)(1963) Les Miserables (2012)(1922) Django Unchained (2012)(1899) 2012 (2009)(1891) The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)(1878) Rock of Ages (2012)(1833) Silver Linings Playbook (2012)(1822) Ted (2012)(1806) The Dark Knight Rises (2012)(1777) The Dictator (2012) (1765) The Vow (2012)(1730) We Bought a Zoo (2012)(1697) Zero Dark Thirty (2012)(1685) The Campaign (2012) (1681)
Scarlett Johansson(191) Robert Downey Jr.(92) Tom Hiddleston(60) Mark Ruffalo(48) Chris Hemsworth(44) Clark Gregg(43) Jeremy Renner(25) Stellan Skarsgård(12) Cobie Smulders(9) Samuel L. Jackson(6) Ashley Johnson(4) Gwyneth Paltrow(3) Jerzy Skolimowski(3) Harry Dean Stanton(3) Chris Evans(2) Jesse Garcia(2) James Eckhouse(2) Stan Lee(1) Warren Kole(1) Robert Clohessy(1)
Kelly Foster(109) Tony Stark(92) Black Widow(75) Loki(60) Bruce Banner(48) Thor(44) Agent Phil Coulson(43) Clint Barton(25) Selvig(12) Natasha Romanoff(11) Agent Maria Hill(9) Nick Fury(6) Waitress(4) Pepper Potts(3) Georgi Luchkov(3) Security Guard(3) Steve Rogers(2) Carrier Bridge Tech(2) Senator Boynton(2) Carrier Bridge Tech(1)
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