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The Right Stuff (1983)(1871) The Kids Are All Right (2010) (1714) Hook (1991)(1545) All the Right Moves (1983)(767) Boyhood (2014) (206) American Hustle (2013) (202) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)(181) Creed (2015)(172) Friday (1995)(158) He Got Game (1998)(155) Dog Day Afternoon (1975)(153) Selma (2014)(139) The Internship (2013) (138) Straight Outta Compton (2015)(134) Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016) (133) Saturday Night Fever (1977)(128) Casino (1995) Thriller(128) Raging Bull (1980)(122) Short Cuts (1993)(122) Baywatch (2017) Comedy(122)
Scarlett Johansson(80) Daniel Radcliffe(58) Ashton Kutcher(55) Ryan Reynolds(39) Tom Cruise(33) Natalie Portman(29) Emma Watson(27) Mary Elizabeth Winstead(26) Rupert Grint(24) Harrison Ford(23) Joseph Gordon-Levitt(23) Tom Hanks(21) Jillian Bell(20) Anne Hathaway(17) Zach Braff(17) Anthony Daniels(14) Richard Griffiths(13) Robbie Coltrane(11) Oliver Phelps(11) Kate McKinnon(10)
Harry Potter(58) Hermione Granger(27) Ron Weasley(24) Jon(23) Alice(20) Sam(20) Jake Fischer(18) Andy Sachs(17) Jesse Montgomery III(17) Andrew Largeman(17) Will Hayes(15) C-3PO(14) Jerry Maguire(13) Andrew Paxton(13) Vernon Dursley(13) Annie Braddock(12) George Weasley(11) Rubeus Hagrid(11) Chris Brander(11) Jack Fuller(11)