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Knocked Up (2007) (2701) Knock Knock(1348) Perfect Strangers (1986) - S01E01 Knock Knock, Who's There?(335) LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out(105) Friday (1995)(32) Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)(18) Creed (2015)(16) The Talented Mr Ripley (1999)(14) Annie (1999) (12) Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel(11) The Heat (2013)(11) The Natural (1984)(9) Mallrats (1995)(9) Tin Cup (1996)(9) Clerks. (1994) (8) Casablanca(7) Ali (2001)(7) Menace II Society (1993) (7) The Nice Guys (2016)(7) Rocky V (1990)(7)
Rainn Wilson(6) Steve Carell(4) John Krasinski(3) Scarlett Johansson(3) Daniel Radcliffe(2) Ashton Kutcher(2) Jenna Fischer(2) Harrison Ford(1) Laurence Fishburne(1) Jeremy Renner(1) Emma Watson(1) Tom Hanks(1) Kari Wahlgren(1) Stephen Dillane(1) Rupert Grint(1) Alex Rocco(1) Alfie Allen(1) Emilia Clarke(1) Jerome Flynn(1) Ben Crompton(1)
Dwight Schrute(6) Michael Scott(4) Jim Halpert(3) Harry Potter(2) Pam Beesly(2) Annie Braddock(2) Beth Smith(2) Ron Weasley(1) Hermione Granger(1) President James Marshall(1) Mike Wheeler(1) Jane 'Eleven' Ives(1) Lucas Sinclair(1) Morpheus(1) Ray Peterson(1) Morty Smith(1) Charlotte(1) Jesse Montgomery III(1) Jake Fischer(1) Daenerys Targaryen(1)
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